terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2011

Engravings and rock art paintings

Check out more rock art paints and petroglyphs both sites are located in Carnaúba dos Dantas.

parte do painel do citio arqueologico casa santa .carnauba dos dantas. RN

pintura zoomofica (pintura de um animal) supõese que fosse uma arara .sitio casa santa carnauba dos dantas.RN

pintura zoomofica(pintura de um animal) supõese que fosse um escorpião .sitio arqueologico casa santa . carnauba dos dantas .RN

sitio arqueologico padra dos furos . carnauba dos dantas .RN

neste sitio podemos emcontrar uma grande quantidade de furos este sitio e da tradicão das itaquatiaras .

sitio arqueologico furna do pinhão branco .carnauba dos dantas.RN

piróga (tipo de imbarcacão ultilisado para se locomover em rios ) pintura do sitio arqueologico furna do pinhão branco .carnauba dos dantas .RN

pinturas antropomoficas (pinturas humanas ) pintura do citio furna do pinhão branco ,carnauba dos danats .RN

sitio arqueologico padra do cavalo .

gravura da padra do cavalo .


domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

GEOTRILHAS/RN - Trilha Ecológica de Serra Caiada/RN

Once more I want to talk about GeoTrilhas, is a partner group of English Tips-Self-Taught partnership. It's a group awareness of the Environment, and they provide a Sustainable Tourism. If you have the opportunity when you come to Brazil, contact the group http://wwwgeotrilhas.blogspot.com  

Launching of WalkWays

                                  Hiking until the Archaeological site


                                  First lady Rossana and Alexandre, Mayor of Carnaúba dos Dantas walking aways tothe walkway, Xique-Xique II

                                  Councilor Nana, Former Mayor Paulo Medeiros and Vice Mayor Doctor Sergio, (pink T-Shirt)        
As you know, I have been 24/7, pretty busy, 'cause the launching of Walkways’ infrastructure, in order to improve the access until the Archaeological Site Xique-Xique I and II, actually this is an important buildings, in particular both walkways will provide a Sustainable Tourism in my Region. Nevertheless we don't have a god infrastructure of  Hotels and restaurants, and sincerely I hope that after the infrastructure Entrepreneurs decide to construct hotels and restaurants in my town. Thank you so much for being patient and your visit here is too important.