domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

Get to know the Seridó

Since yesterday I was busier guiding people on tour visiting the Archaeological's sites and the tourist spots. Henrique and Silvanne is a nice couple from Rio Grande do Sul State, they came to Rio Grande do Norte, in particular they are visiting the Region of Seridó, and so far, they are enchanted with our hospitality and hospitality, the way of life of people in the countryside of Rio Grande do Norte. Check out the pictures, I'm sure they enjoyed a lot. Yesterday we went to visit the archaeological's sites Xique-Xique I, II, and IV, as well after we had lunch we went to visit Talhado do Gavião. Today's morning we went the Fundoes a canyons rock forming and also Itaquatiaras (Petroglyphs). Have a look at the pictures. 

                         Henrique and Silvanne ready for a hiking towards Fundoes
                          Trail of Fundoes
                          We're almost there on Fundoes
                          Fundoes 7 petroglyphs
                          Coroa de Frade (Frier's crown) it's a kind of cactus typical from the Caatinga ecosystem. 

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  1. Those are nice photos Carlos!

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