domingo, 15 de maio de 2011


If you have the opportunity to visit the countryside of Rio Grande do Norte you'll see beautiful landscapes and also take part of the history, culture and local gastronomy, in addition we will you with arms wide open, 'cause the Serido's hospitality is quite different, we always smiling and we open our homes for you. Check it out the headlines and fall in love for our region and neighbouring towns.

                                Rappel activity in Acari, for more info keep in touch with Vitoria Regia

                                We are the Caatinga Adventures on top of Cardao's mountain.
                         Beautiful rock art paintings (Indigenous inscriptions) of Furna do Messias, a beautiful rock art shelter.

                                Furna do Messias
                          Riacho dos Caboclos, Frei Martinho
                          Engraving in low relief, Tanques' river Carnaúba dos Dantas

                                Petroglyph, Picuí Paraíba State
                          Talhado do Gaviao's Shelter

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