quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011

Tourists and landscapes

             Me and Franches, hiking until the Archaeological site Xique-Xique I, of course now it's closed for visitors because both Archaeological sites Xique-Xique I and II is receiving an infrastructure of walkways, the project has been developed by the Brazilian National Historic and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN) the purpose is after the conclusion of the Walkways the tourism in the region finally boosts as soon as possible. 

             This is Aide from Terra del Fuego, Argentine on top of Talhado do Gaviao, locate in the Rural Zone of Carnaúba dos Dantas, beautiful observation desk, beautiful over view. Talhado is another rock art painting located on top of the mountain in Sítio Lagedo far from 9 kilometres away the downtown.
              Monte do Galo, it's a Religious tourism, this place attracts over 100 thousand of pilgrims a year, coming from different parts of Northeast, the pilgrimage is in honor to Our Lady of Victory our patron, the image of the Saint came in the middle of XX century from France in a cargo came from Portugal originally come from French. 
              Rock art paintings belongs to Northeast Tradition, Serido, Sub-tradition, actually this is a hunting scene, according to recent studying they have for about 9.000 years B.P. Located in Xique-Xique I far from 5, 5 killometres away from the downtown, easy access to climb up and reaching until the Archaeological site. 
             This Rock Art paintings belongs to Agreste Tradition, the main characteristic you cannot identify the paintings, mostly are unrecognizable, in other words abstracts scenes. Located far from 12 kilometres away, the shelter is back to Riacho da Cobra mouth in this municipality.
              Here I was guiding tourist from Holland in the Archaeological site Xique-Xique I.

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