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Rappelling in Gargalheiras through Vitoria Regia Turismo, credits of the picture for Canidé Soares

In Seridó, which covers 18 towns, including currais Novos, Caicó, Acari and Jucurutu, the strengths are the cuisine, handracft and culture with archaeological site which have been being enable. "Iphan has started to prepare two archaeological sites in Carnaúba dos Dantas and equip them with all infrastructure to receive tourists," as the coordinator elaborates. Also, cuisine and adventure tourism promise to catapult the amount of tourists coming to those towns.

The salt mines are, on the other hand, the major attraction in Costa Branca pole, made up of 18 municipalities. The production associated to tourism, highlighting irrigated fruit production and oil, is another segment being developed in the region. According to Carmen Vera, other differences are the beaches, the colorful sand and Rosados dunes. "Culture is also very strong, especially in Mossoró, which became th cultural town in the State. Not to mention the museums and boulders," she adds.

This year, the state plans to invest in two other poles: Agreste-Trairi and Serrano. The former ahs religious tourism the major point, after the completion of the Statue of Santa Rita de Cássia in Santa Cruz. "Since it just beginning, we still have a lot to find out. We have been working to list touristic spots and find out potentialities in the region", says Carmem.

In Serrano pole, the main towns are like Martins, Portalegre and Patu. As far as the administrator sees it, the biggest potential in that region is adventure tourism with rappelling and zip-lining. There are also Martins hills and the cuisine festival, an event that has become traditional in the agenda and hang-gliding in Patu, a new activity that has just been included there.

According to SETUR there are 87 touristic municipalities in the state, but there is not enough budgets to invest in them all. According to Carmem Vera, there are many other towns that wish to be part of the touristic circuit. However, they do not have the infrastructure. "It takes more than just having the touristic product. It takes accommodations, food, transport and access. Having the attraction does not guarantee good conditions to host tourists," she points.

To 2011, the State is trying to acquire a R$ 1.5 million partnership with SEBRAE in order to enable tourism to the countryside (Interiorization). From that amount 50% shall come from SETUR and the rest from the institution in Rio Grande do Norte, which remains unexplored, especially in Seridó Pole, The Government also wants to map ecotourism and adventure tourism.

"We are going to work with entrepreneurs and finalize with a fam tour, taking the agents to see the product. We also want to apply that amount in professional qualification for restaurants and hotels, both management and operational. We are going to promote several seminars and support production of advertising material," explains the administrator.

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