quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010

Retrospective, Cardao's Expeditions

Saulo, Carlos Sertão, Júlio and Dean

Sunday 5th September r2009: Furna do Messias Expedition (Messias’ Grotto)

Sharp 1:00 p:m we set-off to Cardao, to be more specific we went to explore one of the most beautiful archaeological site with rock art paintings belongs to Northeast Tradition, very similar to Serra da Capivara style in São Raimundo, Piauí State. After riding and hiking over 15 kilometres far from the town (Carnaúba dos Dantas) we reached at Furna do Messias. We shot pictures around the shelter and after that, Dean fixed some coffee. In the evening fall we ate meat and we returned home at 6 p:m. Check out our expedition and feel to suggest, comment and pass our website blog for friends. See you the next adventure.

Yellow and red rock art paintings (pinturas rupestres amarela e vermelha)

Sex scene (cena de sexo)

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