terça-feira, 16 de novembro de 2010

Expeditions, Cardão and Riacho do Olho dágua

                                 Hat's Rock Dean

                                  Water-eye streamlet (Julio Cesar0

                                           Natural reservoir (water-eye)

                                   Rock art paintings 

                                  Petroglyph or Engravings in low-relief
                                  Petroglyph Unrecognizable engravings
                                  Rock art paintings (Holy shelter)
                                   more rock art paintings

                                  from right to left, Carlos, Julio and Dean
                                  Indigenous canoe
Expedition Riacho do Bojo, Casa Santa e Cardão The main purpose of the expedition was exploring and taking pictures of rock art paintings and engravings along the Riacho do Bojo (Bojo’s streamlet), during the trail, we climbing up the streamlet until one of the biggest rock art shelter called Casa Santa, and we looked for an alternative trail linked to Casa Santa until Furna do Messias, located in Cardão. The access is difficult as the distance between the both rock art shelter . Due the rash winter the last two years and there wasn’t any cattle to feed the bush, the access is really difficult, even tough we accomplished the trail and at  the end of the evening we returned home. Hugs of Júlio César and Dean Caatinga’s Adventures. Both rock arts and petroglyph are located in the Rural Zone of Carnaúba dos Dantas town.

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