quinta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2010

Retrospective, Cardao Expedition


Rock art painting
Julio and me
Tour guide and Dean

A place where I live it is very common to find out archaeological sites. We have a group named Aventureiros da Caatinga. We rode over 200 kilometres by bike or hiking up and down hills...

The name of the indigenous inscriptions (rock art painting) known as Northeast Traditions. They were made by the ancestors of Indigenous peoples that when the Europeans reached the coast they found out them. Named Caririris, but according to the archaeologists the rock art paintings were made around over 9.000 Before Present. This archaeological site is located at 15 kilometres far from the Carnauba dos Dantas. It is very similar to Serra da Capivara State, due the shape and smaller details. And of course we went to the Furna do Messias last year in order to register and take pictures. That it the next issue I'm going to talk more about the Aventureiros da Caatinga.

Location: Rural Zone of Carnaúba dos Dantas town.

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