domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011

Countryside's Landscape

Petroglyph engraved on the rock, located in the Rural Zone of Frei Martinho, Paraíba State.
Petroglyph located in the Rural Zone of Pedro's river,   Picui municipality. There they went to Vale encantado (enchanted valley) with engravings (in low relief).
                                  Petroglyph Rio do Pedro
                                  Rock art paintings, I mean Indigenous inscription for about 9 thousand years B.P. Located in the Rural zone of Carnauba dos Dantas, Rio grande do Norte State (my town). 
                                  Natural observation desk, located on top of Talhado do Gavião, in this municipality (Carnauba dos Dantas), here I was developing a work-ground class with Joao Henrique's high school students and teacher José Adenilson.  
                                  Me (Tour guide, owner of English tips) and Julio Cesar

                                 Tourist from England Peter and Christine

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