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Talhado do Gaviao, Rondon's Project

Talhado do Gaviao

The origion of Talhado do Gavião is very simple, it means Talhado: A mountain carving by the wind and rain over the past, and Gaviao (falcons) build the nest on top of Talhado.
At 2:10 p:m we set-off towards the Lagedo’ s district, rural zone of Carnauba dos Dantas town. We went by bus and as soon as we arrived to Aurelio’s house, the group of Rondon’s project and students of Tourism spot sat down and relax, as well as we chit-chatted  (bate-papo) with Mr. Aurelio, he is a nice person, we had a nice conversation. Afterwards the group leadership by Matheus Cadore, Adriele Martins and also took part Bianca (student of Nutrition) and  Cristiane (Student of Nursery) we climbed up towards Talhado do Gaviao with students (local guide course) actually we had a good hiking, for a change on top of Talhado the wasps stung the group, Carlos (regional tour guide), Matheus (Teacher) and Roniere (Student). Inspite of Talhado do Gaviao is a beautiful rock art shelter. One of the most beautiful landscape from Serido, without mention the rock art paintings present a diversity of drawings expressing the ancient culture about 9.000 B.P. (Before Present). As well as you can see a beautiful belvedere, natural by the way. We were around 450 metres above the sea level.  

At 5 p:m we return home, actually is a great experience, most local guides never visited a rock art painting before, this is a great opportunity for Rodon’s teachers visit as well. See you tomorrow.

                                 Students in Lagedo's district

                                  Hiking towards Talhado do Gaviao

                                  Continue hiking, hiking, climbing, climbing 
                                 From right to left: Matheus Cadore, Adriele Martins, Carlos Tour guide (owner of English tips), Cristiane and Bianca.

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